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Fully Protected Android Mobiles are also Vulnerable to Attacks by Bank Thieves.

Millions of fully-patched android mobile phones are now in a state of vulnerability due to the risk of attack by malware. The application that was initially designed to empty bank accounts of users whose accounts were hacked is now a problem for users instead. Researches and cyber experts have recently reported that due to such a vulnerable state, different malicious apps are now trying to hack your android mobiles. The worst part is that nobody can differentiate between a legal and an illegal app.

The malicious apps come in disguise of safe and legal ones and ask for permission to perform sensitive tasks. In that case, you will get an option for a ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ and clicking the actual means, and you are tricked already. The apps will want permission to access the necessary credentials of your phone, such as your contacts, gallery, or a license to click pictures, and so on. Therefore, make sure that you are not letting any app access the information in your phone memory before you judge the authenticity of it. Researchers have already come across almost 35 apps that are taking advantage of the vulnerable situation.

Cyber experts and researchers in the US have discovered and developed certain apps that you must download. Such platforms will help you understand the authenticity of any app that you are about to download. So, the next time you launch an app on your mobile, the security platforms will help make any malicious activities visible. Therefore, you are saved from any hack or hijack. The representatives of Google have kept mum about any comments regarding the situation of vulnerability that Android mobile users are experiencing. They have not issued any report stating the deadline by which Google can come up with a proper security solution. Although Google Play mostly checks the authenticity of all apps that you install, bloopers are still visible there.

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